Part 1 – A Little More Than a Biography

by Michael Todd Oldfield, April 9, 2018 MY EARLY YEARS IN FINANCIAL SERVICES It occurs to me that some people would like to know more about me than a canned “bio”. And being that I love to write, I thought I would take some time to tell you about my ongoing career in financial services and a little bit about […]

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Kentucky Long Term Care Insurance | LTC Tree

We are LTC Tree, and help people nation-wide shop the entire Long Term Care Insurance market. Share this page with a friend or family and help them protect themselves from the high cost of needing Long Term Care places such as a Nursing Home. Long Term Care Insurance can help protect a person’s assets and prevent being a burden on […]

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Brighter Ideas!

I have a new company I am representing. Bright Ideas Dental offer a whole host of products including dental (with up to a $5,000 benefit), vision, accident & assistance, critical care, hospital indemnity, and a couple of others. I have added them to my portfolio because I like their rates, I like their website, and more importantly, they offer a […]

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