Medicare’s Trust Fund Is Set to Run Out in 8 Years. Social Security, 16. – The New York Times

Today’s rant… The demise of Medicare and Social Security. Oh my lord!!!

Source: Medicare’s Trust Fund Is Set to Run Out in 8 Years. Social Security, 16. – The New York Times

Click the link above for the article. This is not good news sadly. For years they have been estimating when Social Security and Medicare would run out of money. It seems like every time they update the estimate, the end date is moved a smidge closer to now… and it happened again.

Now they are saying Social Security will run out in sixteen years or 2034 and Medicare will run out in just another eight years or 2026.

Medicare is a real problem, just when you think about the timing. So they are telling us it will be done, right when the biggest group of baby boomers are probably going to need healthcare services. Right?

Wow. that is just nuts. So, we are going to be a bunch of old farts and no one to take care of us. Which we already knew any ways, being that the average age of a nurse is above 53. They cannot keep working forever. So what do you think when in 20 years, the average age of a nurse will be 60 or more… but the number of patients will be double? Right? Boomers Rule!!!!

However, we will not have money for our healthcare or our groceries by then. Social security will be gone.. healthcare will be in shambles.

And, all this has been known for, well…. like, forever. Politicians did not want to deal with the problem because the solutions are politically unfavorable. Meaning, if they wanted to work on a solution, no matter the solution, they are going to have to piss someone off. Pissed off constituents translate into votes for candidates who don’t do anything, being that no action is better than a wrong action in their minds. So, by trying to do right, a decent politician will end up possibly out of work. They know this. So, they have not done anything.

It’s all just a mess. This is what our government has left us with.

No healthcare soon. No income either.

Good job government.

Rant over.


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