About Michael Todd Oldfield

Financial planning is a bit complicated these days. Everyone; seniors and those under sixty-five need a guy like me to help them navigate it’s complexities. I am seasoned, experienced, and VERY knowledgeable about all financial planning topics. I can help you understand better how to plan for retirement, secure your income during retirement, and protect your legacy for your family after you are gone. So whether you are in your forties or fifties and just beginning to think about these topics, or in your sixties or seventies or beyond, I invite you to give me a call or meet with me. I will be happy to do all I can to help you.

I am licensed by the Kentucky Department of Insurance and happily appointed as an agent to MANY OF THE BEST financial service companies.


I listen, learn, and teach. I do not visit anyone with any purpose other than to learn about their case and advise them the best I can.

I do offer ALL types of personal health and life insurance products including life insurance, health insurance, critical care, dental, vision, fixed and indexed annuities, and long-term and home health care coverages.

I can help you save money and I can help you grow your money for retirement. And, everything in between.

Most importantly, I help people with their Medicare, “ACA” (exchange plans on Kynect.com) and even Medicaid. EVERYONE needs to make sure each year they have the coverage that will save them the most amount of money. That is my job ONE!


Are you on Medicare or about to be? I use Medicare’s own website; www.medicare.gov to assist me in researching every client’s case on an annual basis. We look together to find the least cost route to take that will provide them with the best protection given their individual needs. There is no better resource than Medicare.gov for this information. Whichever option is best, THAT is the one I will happily enroll you in.


I offer my assistance in helping you navigate and explore all your healthcare options in this rapidly changing market.

Working together we can find out ALL you are eligible for and help you take advantage of all subsidies to make your healthcare insurance costs the lowest possible.

ACA is not the only item “under 65’s” need to concern themselves with however. We need to have thoughtful discussions on the topics of life insurance, estate planning, critical care, and of course “long-term” case planning and suitability.


For those who are struggling and need some help, I am happy to help you get set up with our Medicaid system through the state. Call me and we will do it together.


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