AEP Plans for Medicare Clients

September 6, 2017 Dear Valued Client or Clients; It’s crazy time again!!!! Let the madness begin!!! Medicare “Open Enrollment” is upon us! We are surely expecting some change to the Medicare system and plans. Rates are liable to go up. Copays may shift. And I do even expect to see some plans just simply “go away”. BUT, DO NOT WORRY. I will […]

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Kentucky Health News: Visiting chef at Harlan County High helps incorporate fresh, local foods and flavors into menus; 1 of 8 Ky. districts in program

click the Source link to read the article. I love this idea. With everything costing so much, including the costs to feed our children at school during the week, does it not make sense that there could be both a SAVINGS and HEALTHIER DIET that could be achieved if our school systems bought more foods locally from local farmers… and […]

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