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Life insurance has been around in some form or another for between 250-400 years. And yet, most of us really do not understand it’s full purpose. All we know is that when we die, our families get a check.

That does not even begin to scratch the surface of everything that life insurance can do. This section of the site addresses the topic of life insurance planning, critical care, and various kinds of LTC, STC, and HHC products.


  • Life Insurance Products this page is a nice insurance 101 with a video and basic explanation of the three types of basic life insurance.
  • How Much Life Insurance Do You Need – There are many ways to investigate and analyze how much life insurance a family or individual needs in their life. This answer largely depends on why you think you need it and what your goals are.
  • Grab a Term Quote Grab a basic quote on a term plan if you are looking for simple coverage that will cover you for a specific “term” of time.
  • Grab a Final Expense Quote Final expense is generally a long term plan, that offers guaranteed rates with no increases. The policies are usually smaller (like $10,000-$25,000) and the benefits mostly are used to pay for funerals and last minute debts upon passing.


  • Critical Care Insurance Products Some of the most important coverage out there today. Did you know we are living longer? Did you know that we are surviving heart attacks, strokes, and cancer more often? Did you know that medical expense is the number one reason for bankruptcy in America. Did you know that there is a 70% chance of having one of their problems cause you are world of financial hurt, if you survive?
  • GTL’s New Cancer, Heart Attack, and Stroke Insurance Products GTL has a wonderful new program to protect you against these health issues. 


  • Genworth’s Care Survey LTC is probably as important as any type of coverage out there. And, no one has their policies? Why? Two reasons; 1 – they are not cheap (although the younger you are, the cheaper they are.) and 2 – because you have to get them while you are still young, you have to pay into them for many years (20-30 years) before you will ever use them. Having said that, there is still a very important place for this coverage in your life. It can save your home one day.


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