Brighter Ideas!

I have a new company I am representing. Bright Ideas Dental offer a whole host of products including dental (with up to a $5,000 benefit), vision, accident & assistance, critical care, hospital indemnity, and a couple of others.

I have added them to my portfolio because I like their rates, I like their website, and more importantly, they offer a dental plan called the Bright Idea Dental 5000 that has a $5,000 maximum out of pocket for a plan year.

Now, this is important for a LOT of my clients. Most plans have a maximum of $1,200 or $1,500 or at the very maximum, maybe $2,000. Me personally, I would rather pay $60 a month and have a $5,000 than spend $35 a month and have a $1,500 plan.

Seniors especially need plans that have good maximums. As we get older we just simply need to have more dental work done (a lot of us).

There are still waiting periods on major services (common in most plans), but preventative is covered at 100% and basic services are covered at 80% with no waiting period.

The networks seems to be good as well. Check it out HERE!

To search their products, get a quote, enroll yourself, go HERE!

If you want to talk to me about this company and their products. Call me and we will set some time to talk about them. I like their offerings a LOT.


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