I Help People Get Completely Out of Debt and Save More for Retirement

I have 100 tough questions to ask you. Just look at the list below. How many of these questions can you answer? This is what I do. I help people make plans to pay off debt, save for retirement, and guarantee some of their later years a little better than they can do on their own. Let’s face it. Nothing is for certain these days. BUT, you really do have to plan at the very least. There is so much uncertainty in the world.

As a Cool Family Banker, these are some of the hardest topics to discuss with people and probably some of the most important.

  • What’s your situation currently? Are you living within your means?
  • Are you adding debt each month?
  • Are you doing well, planning for later in life? Or are you not doing so well?
  • How do you feel about your retirement income? Are you 100% sure you are going to have a great retirement or do you have some doubt?
  • How much do you have saved for retirement? What % is that of how much you will need when you do go to retire?
  • Do you even know how much you will need saved when it comes time to retire?
  • How much income will you current amount of savings generate for you?
  • How much retirement income will you need when you do go to retire as compared to that?
  • How much equity do you have in your life?
  • How much do you save now? How often?
  • Do you save at all?
  • What % of your income are you saving?
  • Are you saving or investing?
  • Do you know the difference between saving and investing?
  • Do you know what you are earning on your savings or investments or both?
  • How much of your growth is guaranteed?
  • How much of your retirement income is guaranteed?
  • Are you paying off debt?
  • How much debt do you have?
  • How much interest are you paying per year?
  • Do you have a plan on how to pay off debt?
  • Do you know what your tax rate will be during retirement?
  • Do you know what income you will need monthly during retirement?
  • Do you know much much your current savings will generate during retirement?
  • Do you know where interest rates will be during your retirement?
  • Do you know where the stock market will be during retirement?
  • How much of your savings can you afford to lose?
  • How much of your savings could your children potentially need in an emergency?
  • Will you be able to leave anything behind to your children? To your charity?

What If’s. Don’t be scared. It will Be Ok.

Whats your plan should your tax rates go up between now and retirement or during retirement (even worse)? It’s a distinct possibility. Our income tax rates are low now compared to past years… and government debt is through the roof. The money to pay that off has to come from somewhere to pay that off. More than likely it is going to come from us… their ONLY bank.

What’s your plan should you or your loved one become sick? Serious illness costs a LOT to treat. Care costs a fortune. Do you have $100K or $200K or more sitting around to pay for care, should you or your spouse become ill and need to live our their years in a facility. 

What’s your plan should you lose your ability to earn between now and when you begin your retirement? Okay. So even if you know where you are today, and where you need to get to and have a solid plan on how to get there, what would happen if you suddenly lost your ability to finish out your plan? What if you could not earn any more, effective today?

What’s your plan should the stock market’s crash between now and when you retire? We have seen this over and over again. Sometimes the market’s do not behave real well, right when we need for them to.

Come see me. Let’s make some plans together.

Getting Out of Debt & Saving for Retirement

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