AEP Plans for Medicare Clients

September 6, 2017

Dear Valued Client or Clients;

It’s crazy time again!!!! Let the madness begin!!! Medicare “Open Enrollment” is upon us! We are surely expecting some change to the Medicare system and plans. Rates are liable to go up. Copays may shift. And I do even expect to see some plans just simply “go away”. BUT, DO NOT WORRY. I will have all the “news to use” on the topic by October 1. Today I need to speak to you regarding your annual review.



As always, my client’s come first during this season. That includes you. I will again be working straight through, seven days a week during the entire nine-week “Open Enrollment” season.

Appointment scheduling begins September 19th. It does not matter whether you have a Medicare Advantage plan or a Medicare Supplement plan or simply a Prescription Drug Plan. You need to see me every year. Premiums, copays, covered services change every year. Your needs change annually as well. This is our opportunity to make sure you are set up correctly.


Medicare Season Travel Plan & My Schedule

This year I will have more than three hundred families to see during “Open Enrollment”. Being that they are scattered all over Kentucky from Whitesburg to Paducah, it means that I will be putting on a lot of miles. That’s ok. I love Kentucky this time of the year. BUT, we do need to work together in an organized manner so that I have ample time to see everyone and get all their questions answered.

Mostly, I will be traveling around Kentucky during the weekends. You can also find me at Walmart and Kroger in Lexington. My ongoing weekly schedule can be found at

There are many different venues in which to reach me this year.
You may meet with me in any of these locations. Please do call my office and let me know when you are thinking about coming so I can make sure I am not already tied up with other clients;







Hamburg – 2350 Grey Lag Way

Lexington, KY 40509

1650 Bryan Station Road

Lexington KY 40505

2808 Palumbo Drive, Suite 204

Lexington, KY 40509


SEND BACK – Update Forms

It is very, very important that you get this back to me in a timely manner. I need these completed and returned to me no later than September 15th.

Each year, I send out a update form for you to complete. This is a simple place for you to update me on your prescription(s) and/or physician lists. This way I can do all my research on your case and if there are changes you need to make to your plan, then we will know that BEFORE I come see you, and we will save time in our appointment since I will have already done all the research.

Researching this information on your behalf is the single greatest service I provide for you each year. This is just simply the best way to figure out what your potential healthcare expense might be next year.

Please do get these back to me in a timely fashion. I will call you once I have received it back to arrange a time for us to get together.


Nothing is more important to me than your referrals. I know you do not know this but, I happily accept referrals. You see, due to Medicare marketing guidelines, I am not allowed to approach Medicare beneficiaries to discuss their Medicare. They have to call me. So, referrals are my #1 way to grow my business.

This means I RELY on my clients a LOT to introduce me to their friends, family, coworkers, golf buddies, and anyone else that they think I might be able to help. I earn referrals from my clients by doing my best to help them then they need help.

PLEASE, if you have some referrals, feel free to pass out my cards and tell them to give me a call. I am enclosing a couple extra cards in this mailing.



SEND BACK – Testimonial Form

If you have a testimonial, please send it back with your Update Form.

Thank you to the many people that have taken time to either write in with a testimonial or complete their online testimonial.

It means so much to receive a kind word. I do love my work for sure. If you would like to send me a testimonial, please use the attached form and send it back with your update form, OR, simply go to and tell your story there.



Well, that’s it for now. PLEASE do get your forms back to me QUICKLY. I will be scheduling appointments in the order by which they are returned. It’s going to be a very hectic season for me through the end of January (Medicare & ACA Open Enrollment Season). Stay in touch with me. I guarantee I can help you protect yourself and your family.

With regards. God Bless.



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