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Concerning Baptist Physicians Group & Humana

Well, I waited until this morning as I was still hoping that cooler heads would prevail.

They did not.

Effective immediately Humana insurance is not longer taken with Baptist Health Medical Group. Baptist Hospitals all over the state will continue to take it but the Baptist Health Medical Group has pulled out of Humana effective 9/22. This means that you will not be able to use your insurance with any Baptist physican’s office that I know of. Call me at 859.800.7774 for questions.

It is not place to editorialize or to point the finger and lay blame so let me just say that this is a problem between two monster egos who want more money. Honestly I am disgusted with everyone involved. I will say that it is a travesty that Baptist Physician’s Group would do this in the middle of a plan year, when beneficiaries have no way to change their plans. Medicare should financially penalize them with a daily fine that exceeds the amount of money they are extorting from Humana for such a stunt. But, that is just my opinion.

Here is the reality.

FOR MOST OF US… WE ARE STUCK. WE CANNOT CHANGE OUR PLANS UNTIL OPEN ENROLLMENT (for an effective date of January 1st). However, if you are on Medicaid, have LIS or a Medicare Savings Plan, we can change you BUT, We have to change you prior to Otober 1st. We have 1 week. For the rest of us though, we cannot change our plans.

For those that are not able to change their plans, I am happy to say there is a another solution.

Continuity of Care FORM

We did however learn today that if you have certain illnesses, you may be able to keep seeing your physicans for another 90 days, or until December 22nd. So, that helps a lot, for most of us. It will take some work.


    You need to print one of the forms above for each Baptist physician you see. Open it. Print it.

  2. Fill it out
  3. Take it to your doctor TODAY.
  4. Have your doctor complete the document. Sign it and fax or email.

This is the only way you will be able to see your doctors between now and the end of the year. Your doctors should fax this in for you.

If you suffer from any of the illnesses below, then you may be able to keep your Baptist physicians despite Baptist falling out of network.

__ Diabetes ___ Lupus ___ Multiple Sclerosis ___ Myasthenia Gravis
___ Cystic Fibrosis ___ Hemophilia ___ Cancer ___ Dermatomyositis
___ Congestive Heart Failure ___Asthma ___ Coronary Artery Disease ___ Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) ___ Kidney Disease
___ Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyradiculoneurophathy (CIPD)

humana-continuity-care-form <<<<CLICK HERE

If you have any of these, you may be able to keep your doctors.


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