Personal Insurance Lines

Sometimes people tell me they are “insurance poor”. I giggle. When I hear that, I really am thinking they have a LOT of insurance… but that does not mean they have the RIGHT insurance. Insurance is about protection.

Think about your own portfolio? Are you protected against healthcare costs? Probably. Are you protected, should you die suddenly? 42% have life insurance. Did you know that? Is your’s the old kind or the new kind? What about if you had to institutionalized? Happens every day? Did you know than nursing homes can run $10,000 a month? And most insurance does not cover it? Did you know that Medicaid will? Did you know that if Medicaid does, very likely one day your home will not be yours? Did you know that more than 50% of seniors end up needing some kind of care? Did you know that of that 50% more than 50% of those people rely on Medicaid? They were not prepared.

We can play the “Did you know?” game all day long…

but in the end you will just end up feeling sick. Not many of us have the coverage we need. Do you have a check mark in each of the following boxes? If not, then you need to learn more and give me or one of my partners a call.

Types of Coverage

  • MEDICARE If you are Medicare age, then you probably already know that you need a back up to your Medicare coverage. You can do this through Medicare Suppliments (“Medigap” plans) or MedicareAdvantage. Go here to learn all about Medicare or click the link above to get quotes, comparison charts, etc.
  • HEALTHCARE (ACA) – If you are under 65 years of age, it’s very possible that you may need ACA coverage if you do not have healthcare coverage through your work. Click here if you would like to get a free quote on all your ACA plan options.
  • LIFE INSURANCE – So, what do you have? The new kind? The old kind? Term through your work? Mortgage protection? There is a ton of options today for life insurance. Most people have the old kind. I call that “death insurance”. It pays off when you die. Right? What you need is “life” insurance. There is a whole world of difference. Click this section if you would like to learn more about some of these options.
  • CRITICAL CARE – We really need coverage to protect us, should we develop one of the big 3 illnesses; heart attack, stroke, or cancer. Between these three they claim more than 70% of our lives (other than accidents). Imagine finding out you are diagnosed with one of these illnesses and you are you sent a check… a nice check to just put in the bank to make things easier so that you can do what you need to do; fight your illness. This is critical.
  • LONG-TERM, SHORT-TERM, HOME HEALTH CARE – Probably the hardest type of insurance coverage to mentally get your arms around. It’s a difficult sell. Imagine paying into a policy for twenty years before you need the coverage; if you need the coverage. That’s long-term care. So, is it needed? YES!!!!!! What you have to understand is that Medicare does not cover long-term care. Long-term care is VERY expensive. There just is no way around it, unless you want to wreck your kids’ lives. When you need it, you cannot get it.
  • DENTAL & VISION – Very overlooked as well… until you need it. The problem with dental and vision insurance is that it really does not give you the bang for the buck that health insurance provides. A couple nights in a hospital or something catastrophic happening to your health and you are GLAD you have health insurance. If your teeth and gums are important, you need good dental coverage. Now at days, dentists charge an arm and a leg. See me.
  • PROPERTY & CASUALTY – Have a home, boat, car, motor cycle, RV or… well… any other item that you want protected from loss? Check your rates annually. Learn more.

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