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You Have Decisions to Make Upon Reaching Eligibility

When you become eligible for Medicare there are major decisions to make.  If you make the wrong decision you could incur financial penalties.  Be careful.  The Medicare NINJA! is here to help. I am an excellent resource and love spending my days advising seniors about their options.  All health insurance plans are rapidly changing, including Medicare.

One of the best sources of information on Medicare is your “Medicare & You” handbook that you receive each year. It outlines all Medicare guidelines for the coming year. You can download a copy on the right.

Some important points to Medicare concerning your rights and entitlements.

  • Medicare was created as a way of providing healthcare coverage for senior Americans.
  • At some point in life, most of us have a RIGHT to Medicare coverage.
    • Most Americans, upon turning 65 years old become eligible for Medicare Parts A & B (Some become eligible before age 65, due to illness or other circumstances).
    • Most people have paid into Medicare Part A through payroll deductions at work, so a premium is usually not necessary for Part A (Hospital) coverage. Some will pay for it however if they did not pay in prior to 65.
    • If you elect to receive Part B, you will likely be required to pay the government a monthly premium and it covers, primarily, your non-hospital medical expenses. This monthly premium is usually taken right out of your monthly social security check.
  • Medicare  DOES NOT cover all medical expenses, nor does it pay ALL of the expenses on items it does cover.
  • Medicare Part D is optional. It’s role is to help you pay for some of your prescription drug expenses. This separate prescription drug plan (PDP) must typically be purchased from a private insurance company in order for an individual to receive coverage for prescription drugs. IMPORTANT, if you are eligible for Part D, and elect not to sign up with a drug plan, and you have no other “credible coverage” you maybe incur a penalty when you DO sign up.

Understanding the Parts of Medicare

Medicare was developed in the 1960’s as a way for our government to help take care of healthcare needs for seniors age 65 and over and the disabled under age 65. Over the years, it has changed, adapted, and expanded to meet the varying needs of our population.  While the subject of Medicare can occasionally become a political football, at Cool Insurance Group we believe Medicare is a sound solution for its beneficiaries.  Healthcare debate generally centers on costs, benefits, and access.  We understand the nuances of plans and how they vary from market to market.  We can help you understand how it works and we can show you available options for your review.  Our goal is always to take this often complicated subject and present it so you understand it and we work diligently to help you make the right decision.

The Medicare NINJA! can help a LOT where Medicare is concerned.

What can the Medicare NINJA! Do For You?

First, I can teach you all about Medicare and how it works. Either in a live class, an online class, through a video explanation, or a one-on-one meeting, we will be happy to walk you through the various parts and explain how they work.

Second, I can help you make your required decisions by giving you facts; not sales “puffery”.

Third, I can look up all your prescriptions and all your doctors to verify their inclusion in any medicare back up plans. AND, we will get together on an annual basis and review changes, as well.

  • To view a Medicare Supplements Comparison Chart, Go HERE!

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