Update on Medicaid Expansion Coming to an End!

To ALL Clients (“Medicaid, Kynect Exchange, Medicare”)


Sorry, this is going out by text and email. I really need to get the word out.

Click the video below to have a “TOD Talk” on the subject of the end of the Medicaid Expansion.

Yep! The free ride is over. For the past three years anyone could get Medicaid. But that time is coming to an end. Here is what this all means to most of you….

You should take the following steps.

First, if you have never done it, you need to add my contact information in your phone. It’s very easy. From your phone click www.popltodd.com and click “SAVE CONTACT“. This way when I call, you will know it is me for real. You will even see my picture.

Second, schedule your own appointment with me at a time that is convenient for you by going to https://calendly.com/michaeltoddoldfield/kynect and picking a day an time. Currently the state is sending me like 20-30 hours a week of new cases to help, so do this now. My calendar is going to be very clogged up this summer. Some cases are taking a week to clean up. Yuck. You should know me by now. Well enough to know that if there is money to be saved, I will find it for you.

If you currently have Medicaid, inquire (or watch for a notice) about when your next review date is. At that time you will either be able to keep Medicaid or you will not. If you are under 65 and have no Medicare, it may be that you will qualify for an exchange plan with maximum assistance. This is excellent.

If you have Medicare, AND, Medicaid (or a Medicare Savings Plan) you and find that you are about to lose your Medicaid ACT FAST. It’s ok. We do have to make a change in your plan. If not you could end up with no plan whatsoever.

Remember, the last three years have been a gift for some of us (Where Medicaid is concerned. Anyone in Kentucky could get it, due to COVID regardless of their income and assets. That is just coming to an end. If you qualify for it then it is there for you. If you do not, then you have to get your records straight. This is where I come in.

Call me ASAP or schedule some time with me well in advance of your review date.


Michael Todd Oldfield


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