FREE Medicare Tips For Those About To Turn 65!


Hi there. Happy birthday!

Each of the following tips contain very important information and suggestions that I think you need to know and will make Medicare enrollment a little easier to process. I encourage you to save each of these tip cards (if you received in the mail) and we can talk with them should we meet. 

  • Each tip card has important information about Medicare and your rights and responsibilities in their system.
  • Each tip card is going to have page numbers where you can look up additional information in “Medicare & You” and this site will have links to the same information should you desire to look it up on; (Medicare’s own website).
  • And lastly, each tip card is going to have links to additional, relevant information on (this very website) for you to consider as well.

At any point, should you feel like you need some professional guidance, give me a call and I will come running. I am always happy to help. That is what being a Medicare NINJA! is all about. Let’s get going.


TIPS CARDS – Additional Nuggets

When you boil down all the information, from all the sources, and all the opinions from all the people really Medicare is not that complicated. There are just really 5 global topics that you need to know about.

It is my pleasure to share with you my thoughts on these 5 subjects.

When we meet, I will also help you establish whether or not you are eligible for other assistance programs (eg. “LIS”, Medicaid, etc).  Just simply give me a call to 859.654.0120 extension 1000.




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