Annual Reviews

Each year during Medicare’s “Open Enrollment” season I visit with 100’s of Medicare beneficiaries; assisting them to review their Medicare health plans, and select their next years plan based upon their particular case particulars (which medications they are on, who their physicians are, where do they prefer to receive treatment, etc). We look at a lot of variables, actually, so that I can walk away knowing each client could be saving the most money possible.

Whether you choose me to assist you with this or not, this is something you need to do EVERY year. You need to know this information in order to save the most you can. Today, it seems like our whole survival is tied to not throwing away our money.

“Click the pic” to download this handy form.

What you need to conduct a review is this simple document; the Information Update Form.

Simply follow these instructions and you can use to research all your plan options.


  1. CLICK THE LINK and PRINT a copy of this document (both sides).
  2. ENTER IN all your account information (ZIP code, Medicare #, Last Name, effective dates, and date of birth so that I can log into your account.)
  3. GRAB ALL YOUR PRESCRIPTIONS and list them by name, dosage, and frequency. It’s also helpful to indicate whether you purchase these through mail order or retail pharmacies. Enter this information on the form.
  4. ENTER all your physician’s, therapists, dentists, etc. information such as name, location, and telephone (if you have it).
  5. ENTER the name and location of facilities where you like to receive medical treatment.

THEN; either do the research yourself or call or contact me; your Medicare NINJA! or some other trusted advisor. To research the new year plans yourself simply go to and enter in the information you just collected.

If you need help, contact me. I am just a phone call away to 859.654.0120. All my contact information can be found below.

You may also mail the completed form to me at my home office;

Michael Todd Oldfield
Cool Insurance Agent
3408 Crimson King Court
Lexington, KY  40517



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