Medicaid / ACA / Kynect Update for 6/14/2023

Dear Friends; 

Hey there. I felt a need to get this out to a few hundred people who I have helped in the past with Medicaid or exchange plans on It is going out by both email and text message in some cases.

Yes, I am sure some of you probably no longer have plans on the exchange. If that is your case, i apologize and please disregard this intrusion. I am just trying to help of course.

There is so much turmoil in the marketplace right now with the ending of Medicaid expansion. I estimate 10’s of 1,000’s of Medicaid beneficiaries in KENTUCKY are affected. We have to be patient right now.

If you think you are about to lose your Medicaid, please contact me ASAP so we can schedule time to speak (or simply go HERE! to schedule your own appointment)

Below are six items I need EVERYONE to do to keep us all squared up as we move forward.

ITEM 1 – SAVE MY CONTACT INFORMATION in your phone. From your phone simply go to and click the green “SAVE CONTACT” button. That will save me to your phone and you will know it is me when I call you. Please share your contact information then as well so I can save you back and will know when you call me. This will be crucial during this fall’s annual enrollment.

ITEM 2 – PAY YOUR FIRST MONTH PREMIUM. I am happy to help. If you will call me, we can probably do this over the phone.

ITEM 3 – COMPLETE ANY REQUIRED REQUEST FOR INFORMATION (“RFIs”). In many cases the state requires one of two proofs. A “Proof of Loss of Credible Coverage” or a “Proof of Income”. It is very very important that you get these in immediately if requested. Do no do this the night before the deadline. This will severely impact your case potentially.

ITEM 4 -SET UP YOUR INSURANCE PORTAL LOGIN. Ambetter and Caresource both have account portals for you. You usually can create an account there with just your membership ID number and your contact information. Simply go to;

ITEM 5 – PICK YOUR PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN. While in your membership portal for sure you are able to “Find a Provider” or “Find a Doctor” and select them as your PCP. Call me if you need help.

ITEM 6 – GYM, DENTAL, VISION BENEFITS. With your membership card, call your insurer to inquire about your fitness benefits. Very cool. Also make sure you do everything in-network. So, see me if you need me to help you find vision or dental providers. I am happy to help.


That’s it. Drop by (Above) to read the 100+ testimonials about the work I do and if I helped you, please leave me your own testimonial.