First Week News

Medicare Annual Enrollment is coming soon. “Pre-Season” begins on Sunday. “Open Enrollment” begins on the 15th of October and ends on December 7th.

Nine Weeks… That’s it. That is all the time I have to not only serve you, but almost five hundred other families (including Kynect members. Their enrollment runs from November 1st through December 15th for a January 1st effective date).

Add that in… and it’s gives me a total total of ten weeks for five hundred people.

Hmmmm…. such easy math that even I can do that. I have to see fifty cases a week. Working seven days a week most weeks… means I have to see more than seven cases a day.


Almost 100 have scheduled their appointment. Have you? Need you to do it today. Very soon I will message the Kynect people and they will schedule their appointments really quickly I think.

PLEASE. DO YOURSELF (AND ME) A FAVOR…. look at the green menu bar above. See the “2 – Schedule Your Annual Review“? Do that. Click it. It’s really easy. Promise it will not hurt. Remember. These appointments are for you; not for me. I want you to have the best plan for your case each year. This is when we choose them.

OR… if you have no email address… call Regina today at 859.800.7774 extension 1000. She will be happy to schedule your appointment.


Once we have your appointment scheduled, then Regina will send you your SOA which is a Medicare document you sign off on that lists the topics we are going to discuss at our appointment. Just check all the boxes and sign your name or submit it. Very easy. We have to have those complete at least 48 hours prior to our appointment.

Regina will be right there to help you get it done. We can even mail you one if you are a technology wasteland. That’s ok. I am too.


Regina will call you on the day of the appointment to remind you. Please do not stand me up or be late. We only have 30 minutes together to go over your case. Be sure to know what prescriptions you are taking and which doctors and facilities you wish to use for your healthcare. I want to do a good job for you and check them all.

A couple minutes before our scheduled time, YOU will call ME at;


 Then press Option 1
to listen to the Medicare required disclaimer

Then press Option 1
again to be transferred to my recorded line and poof, you get me!

You really should add my number to your phone by going to and clicking “Save this contact” and leave me a testimony at if you like what I do.