Fall 2023 Update on Mom, Me, Skeeter; My Crazy Life

First, let me update you on mom and Skeeter.

Many, many of you know I have kind of a stressed out life involving my mom. I have taken care of her for more than FOURTEEN years and loved nearly every moment of the job. It’s not easy. We have had more than a few big time arguments. In the last eighteen months she has been hospitalized six times I think. Once with Covid, a couple falls, and four or five times with bad infections. It’s been a challenge for sure. I have made 100’s of trips to hospitals to see her there. And, she has spent the last year either there or in facilities. Not been easy for sure. On top of all that, Dementia is clearly trying to take her.

Right now she is doing ok. We spend two or three hours together every day in her facility; drinking coffee, laughing, and enjoying our time together. I want to thank so many of you for asking about her, sending her cards, and the occasional visit. She gives me strength so that I might serve you and others.

Skeeter, my best friend has also had a lot of problems this year. He has had two surgeries and most recently I thought I was going to lose him, but as it turned out he had a simple ear infection. While he is fourteen years old, I am just really not ready to give him up.

My health is good. I am pretty strong and I am very happy. I exercise by walking every day. And, by the time you read this I will have returned from my first vacation in more than ten years, and my first trip out of the country in more than nineteen years. I should have just completed a beautiful trip from Bali, Indonesia where if I had to guess, I met the greatest girl I have ever known (we have been dating for more than two years without having actually met), and I suspect I am probably engaged to be married. That is my intention. I love her and mom adores her. We are a great trio. So, feel free to ask me all the questions you want when we talk this fall.  LOL.

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