What I Do Best…

Why Buy?

From my 2018-2019 “Why Buy!” book. This is an overview of who I am, what I do, what companies I represent; kind of a tell all. This is used to familiarize new clients with all the facts so they can come to a conclusion as to if they should “buy” what I am telling them.

Pages include;

  • Our Agency – Who we are as a company, how we began, and what’s our mission.
  • My Family – Just some of the people that influence my life. My motivation.
  • My Biography – My history and background in the financial services world.
  • My Specialties – What do I do best? Here it is.
  • My Companies – The excellent companies whom I choose to represent. These are the tops in their respective spaces.
  • My Brands – What does it mean to be a “Medicare NINJA!”? Why am I the “Cool Family Banker?”
  • Current Concerns – Where are you in life? How can I help?
  • Suitability – Let’s talk about your experience, knowledge, risk tolerances, etc.

This is my career. I am more passionate today than the day I began; so many years ago.