Are You Turning 65 Soon? If so, Happy Birthday!

Is that mailbox is starting to fill up? Is the phone ringing off the wall?

If you are turning 65 years of age in the next few months, well, you are going to receive a LOT of mail and a LOT of calls. Insurance companies and their agents, various groups & plan representatives, and agencies from all over the place are all going to be jockeying for pole position during your initial election period (ICEP) for Medicare. This is the period of time where you have to make some important decisions; some VERY important and some largely irreversible.

We will all want to help. That can be a good thing. It can also make your head explode.  LOL

This is where I come in. I am Michael Todd Oldfield, YOUR “Medicare NINJA!”

Turning 65 Mail

Turning 65 Mail Received by One Client. 138 Pieces Before It Was All Over.

Why? Why? Why do you receive all this stuff?

Every Medicare beneficiary has to make certain decisions when they turn 65 years old (or begin Medicare), concerning how they intend to pay for their healthcare during their senior years. Part of those plans involve picking Part “C” Medicare Advantage or Medicare supplements and prescription drug plans from insurance companies.

Insurance companies want to sign you up on their plans & their programs early on. So, this means your mail box will just load up in the months leading up to your 65th birthday. What most people tell us is that even though they receive all this stuff, it does not mean that they understand it all. In fact, many people are just confused and scared by all the mail. It’s just too much. One plan says “this”, another says “that”. And they all claim to be the best.

I believe the best source of information is the annual Medicare & You manual from CMS (your official guide to Medicare) which is usually about 156 pages. Trust this manual and the site for all the facts.

Many Medicare beneficiaries also seek a trained, certified, licensed professional to take the time to sit down with them, explain their options, and help them with their enrollment. That’s were we come in.

I Am The “Medicare NINJA!”Turning 65? Happy birthday to you!

What Can I Do For You?

  • First, I am a Licensed Health & Life Insurance Agent in Kentucky (KY DOI #814418). This means that I have the needed training to understand healthcare and Medicare and I am licensed to explain both to you.
  • Second, I am appointed and re-certify each year by companies such as; Humana, Anthem BlueCross/BlueShield, Cigna, United of Omaha,  Aetna, Gateway, SilverScripts, and many others. I represent what could be most accurately described as ALL of the most experienced companies in the industry.

Let’s Have a “Time Well Spent Appointment” So That I Can Help You Through This Process

That’s what I call it. If you will allow me to, I will schedule a time for me to come to you; anywhere within the state of Kentucky, and I will teach you everything you need to know to make all the right decisions; based upon your specific needs. This is my commitment to you. If you meet with me;

  • I will teach you all you need to know about Medicare and how the various parts work together to protect you. I will teach you what your rights and responsibilities are in regards to this.
  • Together, we will use to research your physicians, your prescriptions, and your care facilities to approximate an idea as to what your coming year’s healthcare expense shall be. THIS WILL SAVE YOU MONEY!
  • Additionally, we will use to sort all your options from lowest to most expensive (“net cost to you”) so that we know what your best choice is. THIS WILL SAVE YOU MONEY!
  • And lastly, I will enroll you correctly and quickly into the plan that makes the most sense given your unique set of circumstances. THIS WILL SAVE YOU MONEY!
  • Finally, I will conduct an Annual Review to make sure your case is being handled as you hoped… we will meet annually to review coming plan years changes, and make sure that your current plan is still the best plan for you. For more information about the annual review process, go HERE!

This is my idea of “time well spent“. If you understand my proposition and would like me to meet with you, please call me, email me, schedule an appointment with me…

I promise to make time for you, if you ask.

Todd Oldfield
The “Medicare NINJA!”


Other helpful pages;

Real Client Testimonies

Barbara B.

Todd helped me with advice on a long-term care policy that I have had for years never used but it, was changed and the cost went up, and services afforded went down. I feel his advice was the best I could have found and was available. He is a special man devoted to his clients. He helped willingly and it meant nothing to him or his time.

Beverly C.

Todd explained things to me so I could understand it. He pointed out this policy that world be the one better to save me money.

Jerry M.

Todd helped me get my insurance cheaper.

Nathan G.

Todd is very specific -- cutting to the chase - helping save money on healthcare and it great! And fast!

Pamela H.

Todd has always helped me in finding more reasonable prescriptions within the area.

NMT Johnson

Todd was very detailed and covered my every need.

Very nice, trustworthy as well. Honest in explanation and knowledgeable about what he was talking about.

Ron L.

Knowing that Cool has my back is a advantage.

Larry E.

Todd helps all around.

Bill F.

Mr. Todd came to me on a day's notice, and advised me of my options and helped me chose the plan that best suited me. He is great at his job and very knowledgeable of your choices. I would recommend him to anyone because I have to my own family members. I am also proud to call him a friend.

Minnie C.

I would be lost without Todd.

Shirley W.

Todd has always been very helpful. He explained thoroughly the plans available and which would suit my needs better. On top of that he's always been very friendly and has a good personality.

Dennice L.

Todd told me about OTC plan (vitamins, etc.) that I was not aware of. Saves me at least $45 per calendar quarter. Every $$$ counts. Very pleasant to work with.

Marion S.

Todd helped me on my medical prescriptions with lower prices for me to pay.

Denny & B. L.

Dear Todd Oldfield;

We were very pleased to of found someone we can rely on that will return calls if needed and always with sincere humor always ready to answer our questions. We feel you saved us money and did not increase our premiums. That's a plus! We love doing business with you. Hope to always have you around. Stay cool. Sincerely.

Mary C.

Todd help me save on Medicare and healthcare.


He was very nice and helpful to make us understand our plan more completely. He saved us money also!

Christa J.

Todd Oldfield has been very helpful in regards to our health insurance and has been very dependable.

Bonnie S.

Todd was extremely helpful with my Medicare intitial application for prescription coverage. Todd returned twice to ge everything just right. I learned cheaper isn't always better.

Thanks, Todd




Todd saved me money on my prescriptions. I love the Silver Sneakers program.

Maureen B.

Todd helped me save money and was really good with the paperwork. He showed me all my options.

Regina F.

He helped know which was the best way to go on my insurance. Then last year he helped me get some bills cleared up through my insurance after a surgery.

He was kind, patient with me, and wonderfully helpful.

Beverly C.

Todd helped me pick out the right package for me. He explained everything to us so we understood it. Very nice and well mannered.

Jerry M.

Yes. Todd helped me save money on my prescriptions and health care.

Larry Joe

You have saved us money. Hope you can keep saving us money. Lots of the medicine is a racket. Thanks for being there for us.

N. Hampton

Todd helped me very much. He answered all of my questions.

Ron B.

Calmed my fears. The plans you picked for me worked great. Thanks.

Lillie N.

Todd helped me with answers when I need help. Thanks a lot!

Skip S.

Todd helped me transfer to Humana without any problems.

Phyllis S.

Todd showed us an insurance plan that was right for us. The process was quick, simple, stress free,  no-hassle. Amazing! God Bless you and thank you!

Gary M.

Yes. It saves me money!

Gladys R.

Helped me know what I needed. Very kind and helpful.

Pauline R.

Anytime I've had questions Todd has always took the time to explain what I need. With health insurance as it is today, we need someone to "stand in the gap" for us. Todd is not only our agent but has become a dear friend as well. Really do appreciate him.

Mary C.

You helped me understand my healthcare and my Medicare. Thank you.

Nelson G.

Todd was good about meeting me at a location closer to where I live.

Wayne C.

Thanks for helping me get my meds!

An for all the trouble you have gone though trying to get my Medicare Part B straightened out. See you soon.

Ruby G.

Todd saved me money when he explained the benefit of an HMO instead of the PPO I had for years. Given my good health status I do not go to the doctors much. Todd also looked up different PCPs for me to choose from. Very helpful. I have never had this much help!

Larry E. & Phyllis J.

Todd saved us money on insurance, Medicare and he can answer all your questions.

Shirley W.

Todd helped me get set up with Humana Advantage plan. He made it easy and I greatly appreciated that.

Marion S.

Todd helped me save $18.80 on my prescription medications.

Phyllis D.

Mr. Oldfield helped my husband and I get his retirement plan plus social security for us in order. Had I listened better, I would be paying less for a drug plan.

R. & J. Brandenburg

Todd, You saved us money and we were so happy I ran into you at Wal-Mart. We found you to be a really nice quy and look forward to working with you next year. I will make you chili again!


Jennifer P.

Todd found me the best plan with the most options for less money. Explained in detail the various components of my policy and how to save money.

P. Rhineheimer

Todd has always been very helpful in answering any questions I have had. Has also helped other family and friends.

L. Braddock

The most helpful agent ever.

M. Warren

Very Informative!

Christy R.

Todd was an absolutely wonderful in helping us to navigate our way through the medicare and supplemental insurance hurdles. He took the time to explain everything for us and was very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him.

Dave G. aka Riverdave

I was very impressed by the excellent meeting I had with agent Todd Oldfield from the 'cool' group of agents. He was very through, professional and knowledgeable. He had the answer to any question I had and further was not in a rush, seemed like he thought I was a human being as opposed to just another commission. He also met me at a little deli about half way between Lexington and my little home down on the Kentucky River. [to tell you the truth I believe he would have come all the to my home but I would not ask that of anyone without a 4 wheel drive vehicle that had a ground clearance of at least 10 inches. But I bet he would have . ]

If the rest of the agents associated with the 'Cool Group' are anywhere near the caliper of Mr Oldfield then this is certainly the place to shop for your insurance needs. In my case I was to start with Medicare. (the government seemed pretty adamant on this point) The plan Mr Oldfield laid out was with Humana and I truly believe that I came out with better than I could have by just letting the government give me whatever their concept of health-care is, the Humana folks picked up from there and sent me a great deal of info on my plan and continue to be on call for any questions I may have.


Now I just need to get sick. OK, no I really do not want to get sick, but it's a comfort to know that I have good coverage and then some. I did book an appointment for a check-up and place an order for my monthly $30. worth of over the counter items including a blood pressure cuff w/stethoscope.
I highly recommend the 'cool' group and agent Todd Oldfield.

Yours in Liberty,
David G. aka riverdave

C. Baker

Todd came to my house instead of me having to go to him. He sat down and explained Medicare and supplemental health insurance fully. Through his computer program he defined best program for me. Additionally best RX program and saved me ENORMOUS time and energy.

"Best insurance agent I have dealt with."


Rita H.

He is very knowledgeable, with insurance needs very helpful. If he does not know the answers he will gladly find out and get back with his client. I like his work ethics. Nice. Polite.

Pauline R.

Todd has always explained the choices well. He has been available anytime I or friends of mine had questions or issues about payments. He has become a friend.

Melvin S.

Mike (Todd) was extremely helpful with my insurance coverage. I feel he got me the best possible insurance and at the least cost! Very, very knowledgeable.

Robert S.

My agent, Todd Oldfield was very professional and very well informed.

J. Martin & L. Harper

Mr. Oldfield came to our home and explained the choices of supplements. He was very knowledgeable and patent when we asked questions and I feel I can call him anytime if questions arise.

D Whitt

I want to thank Todd for making a big difference in my life. Since I am turning 65 soon, Todd came to my home and reviewed my current insurance. I am thoroughly confused by insurance companies. Todd showed me that I have been paying $60 a month, for the past 6 years for a policy that has covered nothing. Todd made phone calls and prepared the necessary paperwork while he was at my home. Now I have the coverage I need, extra money each month, and Todd as my agent to make sure my insurance needs are met. He is also very friendly and by the time he left, I felt like we were old friends. Thanks Todd!!

D. Dickerson

You surely must know you are appreciated by all your clients. The labyrinth of insurance details is messy business. A person needs people like you to sort out the messy, confusing options. Aside from making an informed choice, you were especially pleasant and kind.

Michael L.

The speaker clearly knows the material. I came away feeling like I had a much better understanding of Medicare; it's components, my exposure to financial risk should I become ill, and how to protect my finances.


Michael Todd is one of a dying breed of sales reps. He knows his product , is very sincere and honest and as dependable as a mother. He loves his job and strives to be the best for you; the customer .