Todd’s List

I am constantly asked to make recommendations or referrals so I thought I would begin a list of sorts for some of the most common requested professionals. This would include;

  • ACCOUNTING & TAXES – Need a CPA or a bookkeeper for your business or for your personal life? Just need someone to do your taxes. I like both these men in Lexington. Known them for years. Either of them I would trust.
  • ATTORNEY’S – There are a 1,000 reasons to need a good attorney. And a 1,000 to choose from. A good attorney is a different matter. I know good attorney’s for many different topics from estate law, to DUI defense, to bankruptcy law and eldercare law. There are a couple listed here. See me for more referrals.
  • PRIMARY MEDICAL CARE IN LEXINGTON – This link is to Dr. Stitch’s Access-Med practice in Lexington & Danville. This is my own physician. Love the guy. Love their program. Click the link and give them a call. Tell them I told you to call and he will probably take time to meet you himself and take you on a tour of his facilities in Lexington.
  • OTHER KINDS OF PERSONAL INSURANCE – There are all kinds of insurance needs that we all have that I just do not handle. Stuff like insuring our homes and cars, and boats, and businesses. These things fall under the topic of “Property & Casualty”. I chose not to do this kind of work. I have friends that do. Feel free to reach out to any of them.