About Todd Oldfield

Michael “Todd” Oldfield (Lexington, KY) has had two careers in his life as an adult. “More than careers; really… two passions”, he says.

Todd has spent twenty-plus years in employment services; teaching people how to advance their careers by improving their interviewing skills, adapting better resumes, creating a “brand” for their names, and finding elusive and hidden job markets.

He has also spent six plus years in financial services; namely the investment brokerage and insurance markets. Helping seniors, families, and baby-boomers plan their life, healthcare, critical care, and retirement has been very rewarding to Todd.

Todd loves to teach and has taught 100’s of Medicare beneficiaries about the annual changes, each year to Medicare.

Be sure to check out the “4 Quadrants” section for information about his financial strategies.

If you would like to know more about Todd personally, visit the “Five Fingers of Life” section at the bottom of the page. There you can learn about Todd’s personal philosophies on the five most important parts of life (COMING SOON).

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