“Time Well Spent” Appointments

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With zero doubt, as a smart consumer, you have to know the facts each year to make sure you are saving the most amount of money possible on your healthcare costs.

What you need is a professional; someone that you can trust, to sit down with you and help you double check your plans against all those being offered to make sure.

You should have them verify your physicians and other providers; that they are “in-network” for the plan you choose. Not that they “accept the plan”… because that can be misleading. They need to be “in-network” for your plan. This is especially important in HMOs. Providers are very often moving in and out of network for plans.

They need to also check your facilities. Your hospitals, clinics, practices to make sure they are “in-network” as well.

And, just as important, be sure they use Medicare.gov to check ALL your current prescriptions, find out if they are in the plan’s formulary (list of drugs covered by a plan) and what the expected copays and deductibles are for your unique combination of prescriptions.

Lastly, keep in mind that even if your trusted adviser does all this research for you, that you still are making your decisions based upon your status at that very moment. no one can foresee the future of course so we don’t know what your healthcare needs will be tomorrow, next week, next month and so on.

You do not know what your doctors will prescribe for you in a few months, or what ailments might afflict you so there just is no way on earth to forecast that information. And, again, doctors and prescriptions, facilities and all providers and enter and leave plans throughout the course of a plan year.

HOWEVER, taking this approach is the BEST way to at least figure out what your costs might be in the future based on your needs of today.

Many agents are just too busy to do this kind of in-depth analysis on your behalf. Be sure to find one that will take the time to do it right. You want your time well spent!


The “Medicare NINJA!”