Hi. I am Steve Silvestri, Your Cool Insurance Agent…

steve-235The healthcare insurance market is complicated. Everyone, seniors and those under 65 need a guy like me to help them navigate it’s complexities.

So whether you are just now aging into Medicare or you need help with your Affordable Care (ACA) plan, I invite you to give me a call or meet with me. I will be happy to do all I can to help you.

I am licensed (KY DOI#511901) by the Kentucky Department of Insurance and happily appointed as an agent to Humana, Anthem BlueCross/BlueShield, Baptist Health Plan, Aetna, Cigna, Mutual of Omaha and many other companies.silvestri-ninja-card-shadow



My Specialties

I work with two types of clients; Medicare beneficiaries and those under 65 that need help with ACA plans in the state of Kentucky.

Medicare Beneficiaries

For Medicare beneficiaries, I use Medicare’s own website; www.medicare.gov to assist me in plan selection. We look together; agent and beneficiary to find the least cost route to take. There is no better resource than Medicare.

ACA Quote Page

ACA Quote Page

For Under-65’s

Our company, the Cool Insurance Group, LLC has established our own healthcare exchange platform to assist you in your ACA plan. The features and functionality very closely resemble Kynect.com which is being eliminated in Kentucky at the end of 2016. I offer my assistance in helping you navigate and explore all your healthcare options in this rapidly changing market.

Working together we can find out ALL you are eligible for and help you take advantage of all subsidies to make your healthcare insurance costs the lowest possible.

Please give me a call at 859.654.0120 extension 1001 or drop me an email to silvestri@coolinsurancegroup.com and I will be happy to reply.

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