Meet my friend Mark…

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This is what I do. I help people…

  • Get out of Debt; 9 Years or less!
  • Help their Sleep. None of this risky investing stuff.
  • When it’s time to Retire, they can do it with confidence and breathe a little easier!

This plan works excellent for… well, just about anyone with debt.

  • There is no credit involved or needed.
  • Does not matter what kind of debt you have. You could have mortgages, car loans, credit cards, student loans, home equity loans, signature loans or just about any kind of debt imaginable.
  • Tradespeople have business debt; equipment loans, lines of credit sometimes. We can help business people in many ways. (See below)
  • We are not filing bankruptcy or taking out debt consolidation loans.
  • It does not matter that you just refinanced. Fact of the matter is, very likely if you just refinanced, you probably need this more than anyone.

Business Owners Especially

Owning a business is a lot harder than anyone could dream. You end up working three times as hard as you planned and get back one third what you had hoped.

YFB is wonderful for business owners. Imagine the bottom line net-worth of your business if it had no debt. Imagine being your own business’s bank; financing your expansion internally, and paying yourself for that expansion as you grow your company.

Look at your books. How much interest did you pay last year? And the year before? Imagine in a few years being in a position to sell your company with zero debt.

Now THAT is the American dream.

YFB is literally what I said it would be when I asked the “Key Question”. Do you remember me asking that question?

“If I can show you how to get completely out of debt in nine years or less including your mortgage, guaranteed, without having to spend any more money than you are right now, would that be worth a conversation?”

If your answer is “YES!!!!” then schedule your own appointment with me below.


 have set aside Mondays and Tuesdays to meet with interested parties one-on-one. Call me at 859.654.0120 x1000 to arrange  a FREE no cost; no obligation appointment.