STEP 1 – Membership Rules

  1. The membership of the group will agree on and establish an initial directory of professional “chairs” on which incoming members may join. By enrolling, paying membership dues, and being accepted into the club, this new member now holds that chair or seat. We will have only one (1) member representing each professional chair. For example, one life insurance professional, one tree trimmer, one chimney sweep, etc. 
  2. On occasion, we may add additional chairs for similar professions. This would only be with the approval of the original chair. Reasons for this might include the original chair member being to busy, short term, to take on any more referrals. The original member would have final say as to who was assigned a back up chair.
  3. Members shall always treat each other with warmth and respect. We will not downgrade, berate, mistreat, or act in a dishonest manner with each other. Such poor behavior is grounds for immediate dismissal from the club with no refund of membership dues. pursuant to club policy as laid out elsewhere in this document.
  4. Members shall exert effort to get to know the rest of the club membership; their business, their abilities, products, services, etc., and where possible, refer other members’ business. This is the very nature of what we do.


General TERMS

  1. The membership year runs from July 1 – June 30th of a particular year. Our formal launch will be July 1, 2019.
  2. Our club’s legal name will be MyReferral.Club, LLC. For the purpose of membership dues, you will see creditcard transactions in the name of MYREFERRALCLUB on your billing statement (or something to that effect).

Membership DUES

  1. Dues are XXXXXXXX per membership year, if paid on a monthly basis. They are discounted by 30% to XXXXXXXXX if paid on an annual basis.
  2. Dues are paid by credit or debit card at the time of enrollment and automatically re-billed on anniversary date.
  3. A late charge of $25 is to be paid for any late or unpaid membership due.
  4. Directory listings are turned off when a membership due is seven (7) days late.
  5. On meet days, featured guests may have additional costs for sponsoring some interesting door prize for the membership in attendance.

Meeting Structure & Attendance

  1. Regular meetings will be scheduled for the membership on a frequency and time and location voted on and agreed to by members. Attendance is required by all members. It is our most important rule because each of our members deserves a full audience when it comes their turn to tell the membership all about their business when they are the meeting’s “featured business”.
  2. Members may not have more than 2 unexcused misses of meetings during any membership year. An unexcused miss is grounds for immediate expulsion. An excused miss would be one where the member had a stand in for their chair in their absence. 
  3. The format of meeting will be social, but business will be discussed and promoted.
  4. At each meeting each member;
    1. will be given one (1) minute to reintroduce themselves, their chair, their profession, their business and make any other product or sales offering.
    2. be allowed to pass out literature about their chair and/or profession.
    3. will be allowed to distribute business cards .
  5. During each meeting a “featured business” will have 5 minutes to highlight their profession on a more in-depth basis. Members may ask questions.
  6. During each meeting, referrals will be taken. Members that have referrals for other members will distribute them at the meeting. Points will be given and totaled for all distributed referrals.
  7. During each meeting, one-on-ones will be reviewed. These are meetings where one member meets face to face with another member to learn more about their business, in a more in depth manner. Points will be given for these meetings as well.
  8. On a per-meeting basis, there may be door prizes,  and referral bonuses for referral leaders. Where there is a tie, the prizes may carry over until the next meeting. There will also be prizes for those that initiated the most “one-on-one” meetings with other members, as well as quarterly bonuses as well.
  9. Guests will be introduced. Guests may not distribute materials until they become a member. Guests are allowed to listen and ask questions only. They may introduce themselves at the beginning.
  10. Inviting member should pay for their guests’ meal.


For sure we wish that no one should ever need to be removed from the club, but we know this cab=n happen from time to time. Reasons for dismissal might include but are not limited to; missing meetings, late, disruptive or rude behavior, mistreating another club member, inattentiveness during business presentations, dishonesty, cheating, or lying, not paying their dues in a timely manner, or any other reason as decided by the club leadership.

In order for expulsion, there must be a leadership vote (just the group leadership) with a majority vote to remove the member from membership.


I agree to the terms of this page and demonstrate by going to Step 2 of enrollment into the club.

Step 2 – Review Professional Seat Assignments