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We began this club to create a venue for professionals (regardless of collar color) to come together, break bread, share some stories, get to know one another, and over time develop wonderfully fulfilling friendships while building their individual businesses.

We are always looking for like minded men and women that have with strong moral ethics to put others first, to “pay it forward” and we believe that through working together a caring, synergy can develop to where we are all more than the sum of our individual pieces.

We meet regularly and consistently. We are committed to one another and the cause ever more. Our families and our community matter to us and therefore we contribute to the community as well.

If you think you might like to know more, then contact us one of our members and come to a meeting. Take a little time and see if we are for you, as we decide if you are for us.

VIEW OUR GROWING DIRECTORY – To view our membership directory, go HERE!

ATTEND ONE OF OUR EVENTS – Beginning in April, 2019 we will hold regular meetings for our membership. These events are packed full of great information on all of our members. Come learn about our process, our members, and what the club does together and potentially for you. Our upcoming event schedule is HERE!

JOIN OUR MEMBERSHIP – It’s a short 3 step process.

  • Step 1 – You will first view our membership rules.
  • Step 2 – You will review possible professional seat assignment (you can only chose one. Write down a couple or three choices).
  • Step 3 – You will register, and pay your dues, either on a monthly or annual basis (paying annually will save you 30%).

This will put your application into a pending status until we can verify that the seat you chose is actually available. One we verify this (typically within 24 hours) then you will be switched over to active membership. To begin, Go HERE! to join.


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