The KEY Question…

Answer the Following KEY Question For Yourself!

“If I can show you how to get completely out of debt in nine years or less including your mortgage & student loans; guaranteed; without having to spend any more money than you are right now, would that be worth a conversation?”

If you answered “yes” then book an appointment with me and let’s talk. Book an appointment below.


Who is this for ideally?

This plan best works for people who are committed, smart, and ambitious on THEIR plan to eliminate THEIR debt.

Answer the following 10 questions in your head (Don’t worry. There is no final exam);

  • Do you have a mortgage(s), car loan(s), credit card(s), student loan(s), installment loan(s), and/or medical bill(s) you wish you could pay off?
  • Do you own a company and have company debt? Equipment loan(s)?
  • Would you like to get it all paid off within a time frame you can see? Rather than in 30-40 years?

If you are someone that can develop new, financially healthy habits, and can stick with their new plans when the going gets tough then I can help you change your life.

If this is you, then ask yourself again, the question… and if you think the answer is yes or “HECK YES!” then book an appointment with me for late April or early May. Or call me at 859.654.0120 x1000.

Oh, by the way… the above questions establish who benefits from the program, the most… you do not have to have certain answers. Everyone can benefit from this. If you have debt you wish to pay off, you could benefit from what I have to show you.

It’s not a “debt consolidation” program of any type like you hear about on the radio or television. There are no banks involved. There are no credit-unions, or savings and loans. Nothing like that. This is not about bankruptcy or sticking anyone with your bills. This is all about managing your cash better using the tax laws correctly.

Just for the record; there is no cost and no obligation to talk about this program and explore its viability for YOUR situation.

Talk to you soon.










I have set aside Monday’s to meet with interested parties.

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