Brian, the Dungeon Master (Part 1)

Brian is a mean, mean man. I think in a former life he must have been a dungeon master. LOL. All kidding aside, he has been a great blessing to me, although I have known him for only a month.

Prior to meeting Brian I have lived my life thinking that I was doing ok with my sporadic exercise attempts. I walk. I love to walk. Each year during spring, as many people know, I begin walking. I walk hard and I walk fast. My goal is to get my heart rate into a nice range (around 140 beats per min) and then keep it for as long as I can in that range. A typical walk for me will be at least 3 miles which will usually take 45 minutes. So far, my longest was 14 miles (I walked from the airport on Versailles road, actually beginning my journey on Man-o-war by placing my foot on Versailles Road) all the way to Tates Creek Country club. Side note. It was a really hard walk. Cold, blustery, and I left my heart rate strap at home so I could not gauge my effort. This was life before Fitbit.

I love to walk like that. And I have dropped weight over the years by walking. It’s great aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

Brian has in a month showed me that I knew nothing about exercise. Everything I thought I knew was just dead wrong. I have never loved and hated someone so much in my life. LOL. It’s not his fault though. The guy is like 6’4″, 230lbs (all muscle) and 29 years old. What does he know about being a 53 year old, way overweight, 15 year smoker? hahahahaha.

I am old.

He likes to show me how old I am actually.

It’s not his fault though. I see him weekly on Wednesdays. We spend only 30-40 minutes together each time, but, having now met with him 5 times in 5 weeks I can confirm, I have seen God so often that we are on a first name basis. His name is George, btw.

It’s not his fault. I have a routine. I have to have routines. I cannot live without routines. Mine is this. I get up around 6:30AM or so. I have coffee with two dear friends most days at Speedway on Tates Creek Road. We have done this for years. Yes. We are the old guys hanging out in front of that place every day. Love these guys. John is 67 or so. Buzz is 82 almost. These are dear friends. We all three cherish this time together. We are together about every day until around 730AM and then I head to the gym.

Here is the problem… dungeon master and I do not meet until 830am… so that leaves me an hour to lift weights, exercise, and then walk a couple of miles. OK. THERE. That should be a FULL day. Time to go home. Time to rest. Time to recuperate. Then, like clockwork, Brian walks in around 8:25AM and just the thought of it raises my heart rate a few beats. Argh… I know what is coming.

(To be continued)