Part 2 – My Focus These Days… And Why

In part 1 of this little literary gem I shared my background and where I have been over the last thirty seven years. If you have not read it, please, really… the first 400 pages really moves fast. Hahahahaha. I crack myself up. Let’s talk about the present now and on what I my focus my professional career; and how […]

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Part 1 – A Little More Than a Biography

by Michael Todd Oldfield, April 9, 2018 MY EARLY YEARS IN FINANCIAL SERVICES It occurs to me that some people would like to know more about me than a canned “bio”. And being that I love to write, I thought I would take some time to tell you about my ongoing career in financial services and a little bit about […]

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I Help People Create & Protect Their Legacy

Life insurance has been around in some form or another for between 250-400 years. And yet, most of us really do not understand it’s full purpose. All we know is that when we die, our families get a check. That does not even begin to scratch the surface of everything that life insurance can do. This section of the site […]

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