2016 Medicare Clients




  • Open Enrollment is Approaching. – Open enrollment is October 15-December 7, 2016.This is YOUR time to make your 2017 plan changes, should you need to. As always I will meet with clients face-to-face between October 1-December 7. This year I will be meeting with Veterans and “dual eligible” clients earlier because they are allowed to make changes outside the normal open enrollment season. Should you need anything, please feel free to give me a call.


  • Walmart Schedule. – If you would like to meet with me during open enrollment, please visit me at the Hamburg Walmart Monday-Thursday, 9AM-1PM. The Walmart is located near Winchester Road in the back of Hamburg at 2350 Grey Lag Way, Lexington, KY If you need to call the store, their number is 859-263-0999.
  • Kroger Schedule – You may also find me at the Kroger, 1650 Bryan Station Road, Lexington, KY 40505during open enrollment Friday-Sunday, 9AM-1PM. If you need to call the store, you may reach them at 859-293-5969.
  • Some Clients May Hear From Larae Rader; My Assistant. – Once I have had the opportunity to review the coming 2017 plans, it is likely that for most of you, we will need to make no change in our plans. So, if that event, I may have LaRae call you and tell you that I have looked at the changes and advise that you sit right where you are.
  • “Client Updates”.– Attached with this letter is a “client update” form for you to use. Please indicate your most current prescriptions, dosages, pharmacy you chose, and your doctors so that we can get this information into the Medicare.gov system, and come October 1, I can simply hit enter and see which plan is best for you for 2017. This saves us easily 45 minutes per appointment, and can even cut out the need to see a lot of people that are already in the best plan and need no changes for 2017. This is very important being that I have just so many people that I take care of.
  • Referrals – Nothing is more important to me than your referrals. This is the lifeblood of my business. I earn referrals from my clients by doing my best to help them then they need help. We all know people on Medicare. Please ask them if they have someone really looking out for them… and if they do not, give them my name and ask them to call me.


There is just a whole lot going on around me. New people, new ideas, new products. Stay in touch with me. I guarantee I can help you protect yourself and your family.

With regards.